​​Austin Bishop, The Printing Boss, 661-675-6820

Chris Spicher, AV Florist, 661-948-6007

Mark Horwedel, Mark Howedel Construction, 661-537-5613

Doug Roose, Faucetman Plumbing, 661-940-9386

Tom Billeter, Accent Floors, 661-209-2525

Ben Maish, US Bank, 661-943-2448

Joe McDonough, Appraisal, 661-729-5016

Sandy Sanchez, Loan Depot, Lender, 661-609-2933

Mike Perkins, Kelly Financial, 661-435-7591

Steve Angebrandt, Edward Jones Investments, 661-940-5624

Heather Massari, Insurance Associates 661-948-5041

Ron Hier, The Hier Advantage,

Real Estate Broker, 661-406-1562

Cliff Silverman, Clear View Eye Care, 661-945-9883

Gayland Devers, AV Smart Buyers Magazine, 661-347-8066

Gary J McCutcheon, Tire Xpress, 661-802-2406

Veronica Cacho, QH Garden Center, 661-816-8367

​Aaron Goldstein, Goldstein Digital, 661-947-3850

​​Ray and Natalie Klucz, NationCorp Unlimited, 661-948-7862

Paul Dybdahl, Dybdahl Decorative Painting and Finishes, 


​Lucy Vigil Sellers, High Desert Broadcasting 

Alex Massari, Kestler & Derryberry Atty, 661-945-6115

Kenny Herrera, SCE Special Projects, 661-803-6078

Bob Monaco, Knights of Columbus , 661-992-3556

Jeff Bradley, Arrow Appliance, 661-609-8832

​Mark Anderson, Martco Tools, 661-466-6338

Leo Lett, Deliver It Courier Services Lancaster, 661-206-7717

Julio Torres, Omega Protection Services, 661-860-8625 


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